What is dotlinesdot?

dotlinesdot is a 1-on-1 online networking platform for professionals in the creative industries.

Our platform allows you to book networking sessions online for meet professionals of your interest and present your product, service, project or initiative. Their knowledge and advice will give you the possibility of doing business, obtaining synergies, starting collaborations, getting contacts, and better understand the industry and its needs.

Our main sector is creativity. Within it, we highlight 2 pillars:

B2B Solutions: Ad-hoc solutions at events, fairs and festivals
One-to-one network: Access to a network of professionals from the creative industries

At dotlinesdot we expand opportunities and facilitate access to projects and initiatives, always in a digital and sustainable environment.

Our history

We created dotlinesdot because someone had to.

25 years ago, our Founder and CEO, Toni Macià, was part of an amateur music band that, for 4 years, was active, rehearsing and playing in several well-known venues in Barcelona. During that time, the band created assiduously: they released new songs every 3 or 4 months. But he ran into a common problem: when he sent DEMOS to record labels, they didn't reply.

Although the band dissolved, Toni's passion for music did not: he studied sound engineering and had the opportunity to set up and coordinate all the electronic music production courses at a school. During 7 years, he managed more than 25 courses of 6 months duration each and trained more than 350 students. But, when Toni tried to get good songs from his students to the industry, he found himself with the same nightmare: the professionals were hard to find, they didn't answer and, if they came to the school, they gave their masterclass and left...

The solution came when Toni had the opportunity to approach the creative industry from another angle: he set up the Industry and Alumni Relations Department at the school. He was great! He was able to get to know and see how the creative sector works in all its breadth.

He created and developed projects and finally understood why the professionals didn't answer: they were and are oriented to monetize the projects and the bands they work with. And so, from this extensive experience and with this premise in mind, dotlinesdot was born, a platform where networking sessions and knowledge are made available to those creators and artists who have a serious attitude in their work and who seek to get their goals.


Toni Macià

Founder and CEO

David Macià

Co-founder and COO

Marc Coll

Co-founder and CTO

Lluís Vergés

Co-founder and Content Creation


Ventura Barba

CEO Advanced Music

Jose Zagazeta

President BMTH

Teresa Roig

UPF Ventures

Simon Lee

Partner Managing en Peninusula.co