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Ventura Barba – CEO Advanced Music

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Víctor Cendra | Music Supervisor - Atresmedia

Víctor has been very helpful and very kind, I hope to soon take advantage of his advice and vision on how to move and manage my music catalogue.

Andrés Satué

Albert Maris | A&R, Director Artístico en Ediciones Musicales Clipper's

Albert was very clear and friendly in answering all my questions, and he made comments on topics that I was unaware of or only half aware of.

Javier Carrasco

José Manuel de Ceballos | Director de Music Bus

I have had a clear and pleasant meeting with José Manuel. It has shown me what I can develop better in different aspects (musically, visually and conceptually) to introduce myself in the industry.

Gabriel Guirao

Xasqui Ten | Productor Musical en TEN Productions

Xasqui gave me his honest opinion about my musical project and gave me very valuable advice to face the path.

Diego Garcia

Marco Rostagno | CEO en Montebello Agency

Marco is a wonderful person: he listened to us, he understood our needs, he was honest with his comments and, being such a skilled professional, he knew how to approach our project in a professional way in today's industry.

Bastian Ponce

Marc Parrot | Productor Musical

A pleasure to talk with Marc! He is a great professional and a very kind person: it has been very easy to connect with him. He was easy going and seemed happy to develop ideas during the conversation.

Pedro Burchardt

Alex Ferrer | Productor Musical en The Groove

I really liked Alex's orientation. I feel like he was always to the point and that his advice tried to be as practical as possible. He clarified doubts and concerns about the industry.

Joel Atarés

David Cardenal | Co-Director en Music Bus

David was attentive. We were able to talk about different options for my career. I liked it a lot.

Tania Nganso

Jordi Puy | CEO en Unison

Jordi has provided me with great added value and has helped me see how to face my professional future in the industry.

Pablo Fumadó